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Education Planners, as what we prefer to use, are also called Education Agents and Consultants. But how are they being helpful for International Students? This article will give you a good explanation on why or when you will need the assistance of an Education Planner.


According to, “An education agent can tell you about your options for studying and living in Australia and assist with your visa and institution applications. In many cases, agents have had experience studying in Australia and can share their experiences with you. In addition, because they are dealing every day with application and visa application requirements they will be able to give you guidance for your particular situation.”

Further, here are some good reasons that an Education Planner may be a valuable help for you as you start preparing to study in Australia:

  1. Knowledge about Australian Education System

Education Planners are well versed with regards to the education system of Australia. They are of special concentration on the aspect of education pathways, requirements, opportunities, etc. for International Students.


  1. Trained from different Providers

Education Planners are always encouraged by their different school/university partners to undergo training and seminars for them to essentially know on what to advise the students with the different programs the schools/universities offer. As Agents, they are trained to be effective thru their marketing and customer service skills and one of the good points to rely on them is to know how extensive their knowledge about the programs offered.


  1. Professional Assistance

Education Planners can offer you professional guidance and assistance. Contrary on relying to internet and peers, they are more experienced and they definitely know the different tools and procedures for your school admissions. Education consultants can give you a clearer picture of the procedures and the requirements for your Student Visa Application.


  1. Guided by Principles

Education Planners are professionals guided by principles and ethics. They are aware of the professional responsibilities in advising, assisting and recruiting International students.


  1. Career Awareness

One of the best things to ask for assistance from Education Planners are their wide familiarity and awareness to your future career  based on the different programs you will be choosing from.


  1. About Scholarships

Studying in Australia is expensive to most of the International Students but many students invest their money in exchange to a quality and internationally recognized education. As a student, you wish to know how you will avail scholarships and discounts. Education Planners are the best people to ask since they are updated by different school and university scholarship offers plus the best way/procedure on how to avail them.

Reminder: If you need migration advice, ask from a migration agent who is registered in Australia. Some Registered Migration Agents are located overseas or have representatives in international markets. If an education agent is based in Australia, it is against the law for them to provide you with migration advice, unless they are also a Registered Migration Agent. Further information on Registered Migration Agents can be found at:


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