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Hot Cake House

Hot Cake House was founded by Tony, an immigrant from Taiwan,with the thought and belief of offering fellow immigrants a taste of home and giving the Australian consumers a taste of exotic treats. Hot Cake is an authentic Taiwanese delicacy that the people born in the 1970′s and 1980′s can closely related to. Back in those years, hot cake vendors can easily be found outside wet markets, night markets and schools, to cheer up those hungry students after a long day in class. Hot Cakes are particularly more popular in winter as the warmth of Hot Cakes are pleasant to hold onto with a cold pair of hands. To provide fellow immigrants more taste of home, Hot Cake House has, over the years, broadened the product ranges to include Danish Twist and Egg Roll. To Tony’s surprise, these too are the top selling products in the Australian market. To better meet the needs of the Australian market, Tony is driven to develop more delicacies with an Asian heritage but varied to suit the local taste. To try Hot Cake House’s delicacies, please visit our shop front.


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