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What is Business English Course

Business English Course is for the people who want to work in the companies with English.  Also you can improve your skills about business scene. You can learn many things about business.

Course description
  • Introduction to Business English communication skills
Study in Australia
  • Safe destination to live, study, and work
  • English is the national language
  • High quality national standards for English language training
  • Modern Education System
Reason for you to Study
  • To be confident with English
  • Improve business English
  • Know more about Australia workplace
  • Experience the many business situations
  • Learn office attitude
Who need to Study

Person who wants to

  • Work in the companies with English
  • Learn about business
  • Adapt Australian Culture
  • Live in Australia
  • Travel
  • Work in an English speaking country
We Study
  • Writing Letter

  • Presentation

  • Marketing

You can learn how to use English for the business occasions, like making phone call, writing letters, how to do the presentations, negotiations, and marketing.  You need to be good at English to study the business English, so many schools provide this course as classes with General English course.

The English level you need to have to apply this course

You need to have Intermediate level of English to enter this course or take the classes. This course is mainly for the students who want to brush up the English or who already have confident with own basic English skills.

Apply This Course Free Online Counselling