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What is Barista Course

Barista is becoming very popular. Especially, Barista in Australia is one of the respectable careers. Many schools in Australia provide barista course as a part of their selective classes and popular among international students. 

Course description
  • Focus on Australian coffee and history.
Study in Australia
  • Safe destination to live, study, and work
  • English is the national language
  • High quality national standards for English language training
  • Modern Education System
Reason for you to Study
  • Get Certificate
  • Get real work experience
  • Learn about Coffee
  • Learn Coffee Art skill
Who need to Study

Person who wants to

  • Become professional Barista
  • Learn English and Coffee at same time
  • Get certifiacte


  • Travel
  • Work in an English speaking country
  • You !
We Study
  • Coffee Art skill

  • Australia Coffee

  • Hospitality English

You can learn about coffee, gain your knowledge and get coffee art skills in this course. You can also learn hospitality English how to communicate in the local work places. Some schools provides work experience in the local cafes as well. 

The English level you need to have to apply this course

Compare this course to other English courses, you can enter easily. The students who have Pre- Intermediate English level can join the course.

Apply This Course Free Online Counselling